Untitled (heels), 2014. Air dry clay and found stilettos. 58 x 55 cm. © Flo Yapp. Courtesy: the artist.

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My name is Flo Yapp and I am a recent BA (Hons) Fine Art graduate of UCA Farnham. I am an artist and curator, and a member or Young Arnolfini. I explore gender a lot through my work, and was recently on the panel for the Young People's Festival of Ideas discussion 'What does it mean to be a modern man?', where I questioned the male role in modern society.

I have just completed an artist residency at Bath Artists' Studios, which culminated in a group exhibition that I curated titled 'Pretty in Pink: What makes a woman?' where artists were asked to respond to the question 'What makes a woman?' within their work. This exhibition featured 16 female artists and explored female identity, with themes ranging from motherhood to female representation in the media and femininity. The exhibition was followed by 'Pretty in Pink Part II', an exhibition of my own work responding to the artists' work.

Often textiles art is seen as an outsider art or as a type of craft. I want to expand the expectations of Fine Art to acknowledge textiles and tactile sculpture as an acceptable form of contemporary art.

My practice explores textiles from tactile sculpture to embroidery. I primarily focus on interaction and participation, and feel that it is crucial for the viewer to touch and experience the artwork. I also create hand embroidery pieces, which are smaller in scale, exploring a craft element. With the smaller scale and the handmade quality referencing smaller batch production rather than mass manufacture. These works are not made to be put on a plinth or in a case, but instead invite the viewer to break down the boundaries between themselves and the artwork. My work is greatly influenced by Lygia Clark, a Brazilian artist whose interactive sculpture was sometimes created to be destroyed by the participant.

I explore the decline of the British textile industry, as well as craft and home-work. Investigating the role of women at a time when a lot of British manufacture has moved abroad, I am confronting the viewer with the value of women's work.

Flo Yapp

Sculptor and performance artist

Flo Yapp (b. 1993, Birmingham)

lives and works in Bath


2011 - 2014:

BA Hons Fine Art, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham UK

Selected exhibitions:


Pretty in Pink Part II, Roper Gallery, Bath Artists' Studios, Bath UK


Deck the Walls, 44AD Gallery, Bath UK

Contemporary South West, Trowbridge Arts, Trowbridge UK

Wanderings, BeInBristol, Bristol UK

beyond limit speed, A&D Gallery, London UK

UCA Graduation Show, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham UK

Help! Savages, Oxford House, London UK

48 hours, 44AD Gallery, Bath UK


EighthWonder, 44AD Gallery, Bath UK

The Perfect System, The Arch Gallery, London UK


Derivative, Menier Gallery, London UK

Curatorial and assisting projects:


Pretty in Pink: What makes a woman?, Roper Gallery, Bath Artists' Studios, Bath UK


Fresh Is More, APG Gallery, Sheffield UK

Arnolfini, Bristol UK

UCA Graduation Show, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham UK


Aesthetica: The Art and Culture Magazine, York UK

44AD Gallery, Bath UK


Guerilla Galleries, London UK

Liquid Brick, Menier Gallery, London UK

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